Thursday, October 21, 2004

Food FR - Petaling Street Porridge

Kedai Han Kee,
Off Petaling Street (opp. Hong Leong and next to Koon Kee)

It was a blustery morning today, feeling kinda cold and hungry, what better remedy than a nice hot bowl of porridge!. Anyway i've been here quite a few times already. Growing up in Petaling Street, this was one of the old time goodies that have survived the modernisation of PS. Gone are the good old coffeeshops which served aromatic coffee drank in plates, thick toast with kaya and of course the half-boiled eggs..only to be replaced by Coffee Bean...meh..

Anyway we made our way to the porridge place. If you are particular about hygiene, then you'd have a heart attack here. Also do NOT look inside the shop to see how um..certain things are prepared. You'd never be the same again. I made that fatal mistake and i can't stomach certain things even though i had an iron stomach.

We ordered a bowl of pork meatball porridge which came with a bit of ginger, spring onion and sesame oil. Of course the mandatory "yaw char kuey" or deep fried pastry is a must!. If they run out of it, just pop down the street to buy your own. The guy even cuts it up for you. Anyway just one bowl to be shared between of us. Why only 1 bowl you ask?. Well so happens that there is a chee cheong fun stall next to it and it makes a nice starter to the porridge. Basically you can add whatever condiment you want to the chee cheong fun such as soya sauce, sweet sauce, green chilies, sesame seed, sesame oil..i'm not so sure if they have things like curry or prawn paste but i seldom go for that anyway. It is really a nice mixture. Cold chee cheong fun then finished up with hot porridge...ahhh..nice.

Anyway for the porridge you have a choice of chicken, century egg, raw fish or pork meatballs. Actually you can have all four together but that's gonna cost you a bomb. A lot of ppl actually go for the raw fish. I do to. Its actually tong shan fish..dunno the english name for that. Served on a small plate with loads of ginger, spring onions and chives, you add your own soya sauce and pepper to taste and dump it in the steaming hot porridge. The porridge will cook the raw fish somewhat and tastes really nice. If you are in town in the early morning, you might want to give this a try. You get to see the early morning activity down in Petaling Street. Traders getting their wares ready, the commaderie between the traders, the foul languages that you can pick up and generally how a market wakes up to another day.


Blogger babe_kl said...

wahhhh i missed the chu cheung fun in reddish sauce wid plenty of pickled green chillies on the side :(

in fact i missed the food in PS, laksa, curry, YTF, chu cheung fun, ABC behind Pak Peng Building.

beef noodles, claypot loh shue fun, malay koe, dim sum...

eh when shall we go yoke woo hin for char siew again??? yum yum

October 31, 2004 at 8:21 PM  
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